Learn how to build an Air Crete & Sandbag Dome home for under 9000 USD

  • Designing your home with Bio Mimicry and solar passive design
  • Drawing of the floor plan on the ground & digging foundation
  • Making our own air crete and manufacturing air crete blocks
  • Making door and window forms and pouring a window frame
  • Installing sand bag foundation and supporting buttresses
  • Building the walls with sandbags  and ceiling with Air Crete
  • Full constructed online  wetland course will be included 
  • Theory on Bio geometry , waterproofing and plumbing
  • Running electrical in conduits and installing lights & plugs

Hands - on Live training @ UBUNTU head quarters, South Africa

  • Price  -  1000 USD including full catering. 50% NON REFUNDABLE Deposit will secure your booking.
  • Accommodation - 10 USD for camping p/d  (excl tent) & 20 USD for chalet
  • Duration 2 weeks. We will be working 6 days a week. Students can stay at their own cost to finish up any loose ends and enjoy scenery.

Free Bonus to all students - 2 detailed Off - Grid Master Classes