1. Chris Schutte says:

    Never thought of this spiral idea. would it be correct to use the same gradient , based on the space available?

  2. Alosha Lynov says:

    the start of the spiral must be where you observe a lot of water flow in the garden so the flood water on your property enters the spiral from the outer part and flows towards the center. Make sure that the gradient flows down and down towards the centre at least 5 cm + per metres . I.e. the centre of the spiral could be 40-50 cm deeper than the start. the serial or trench must be up on the land and the berm must follow the contour line (same height above sea level) Make sure the overflow (one side of the berm is made with rocks or broken bricks to allow water to escape and not prone the edge of the berm. ALWAYS PLAN FOR AN OVERFLOW.

    The spiral is filled with logs , packed sticks -> mulch -> manure. The stepping stones could be logs thinner then the width of the spiral to allow water to flow around and must go straight to the floor level. therefore the spiral could be used as a patch way “labyrinth” to get to the centre. But remember that water must flow around the logs and travel freely to the centre. so it will temporary flood in rain and then fill up your entire garden 5 m in all direction underground.

  3. Livanh Johnson says:

    doesn’t open.

  4. Livanh Johnson says:


  5. Livanh Johnson says:

    doesn’t open

  6. Livanh Johnson says:


  7. Zodwa Mazikana says:

    This is awesome, I can’t wait to implement it!!

  8. Inka Mella says:

    I love the spiral garden. Did I understand correct, that the bed for the plants is going to be on top of the logs and sticks and where the water travers? Shoud I then make the pathway as spiral next to the plant beds, so that I dont walk on the plant beds and the water way?

    • Alosha Lynov says:

      no the bed for the plants is on the sides of the trenches with logs. The trenches with logs will house the stepping stones (which will some what bounce a little) but allow water to flow under your feet., The garden is made on the sides of that trench. You do not want to fill soil into the trench with logs as it will block up the water that wants to “drop” into it

  9. M Rachel Munoz says:

    I have a new property and can’t wait to get started using these design ideas. You are right it does not look difficult just a little deliberate thought and labor with high rewards. Thank you.

  10. Roy Blackburn says:

    I can’t download this lesson. It is not a browser problem either.

  11. Roy Blackburn says:

    When talking about directions, would it not be better to say towards the pole or towards the equator in order for these ideas to be used in both the northern and southern hemisphere?

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