We  have added a telegram community group for all Bio Veda members to share, ask questions & interact together 😉

Welcome to Bio-Veda Academy, together with Zoya we have finally relocated to Russia on permanent basis. We are developing the entire off-the-water grid cold climate eco tech as we speak. We are recording amazing new lessons where you will see how off-grid living comes together with just 2 people without any additional labour. New lessons will be added and slowly but surely some of the old lessons will be rerecorded with better audio and more professional video footage. Updates will be posted on this page.

On the eco home front I have finalised a design for a new type of Earthship and we will be running  hands on workshop in July 2021. Send us an email if you are interested - Early bird price will be around $2000 for 3 week workshop  including food, accommodation and saunas. Please sign up to our TELEGRAM PAGE for updates.

Ongoing R&D costs and your donations will speed up the delivery of new lessons as well as drone purchase for better footage. All new R&D will be added to our courses - please support us on PATREON or via PayPal zoyayankovskaya.ru@gmail.com