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  1. Nathaniel Ratcliff says:

    I purchased this course when you first shared it way back before you had even done any builds. I do not have access to it here on the website. I just want to know how can I get access. Thank you in advance for your quick and swift reply and for fixing the problem. I wish you all the best.

    • Alexey Lynov says:

      Hi Nathaniel, I need to sign you and others up on our membership portal to the Wautillarium Training. I have been releasing all the video lessons through our telegram group using vimeo video links. Please email me so I can sign you up. Also if any others who purchased the wautillaroum course who want to have urgent access to the portal then email me as well.

      For most others, who have already watched the lessons through vimeo on telegram, I will switch on the access to Wautillarium course on this portal before the end of fall 2023

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