1. Derrell Humphries says:

    In the top video, at 1:03:15 you stated, “Your innermost dominant thought becomes your outermost prominent reality.” I took a few minutes to look at my outer reality and two phrases came to mind. The first was “incomplete” and the second was “in disarray.” Yesterday, I decided to experiment, so I did a complete overhaul and cleaning of my garage and storage rooms. By the end of the day, I had a truckload of things to donate, recycle and haul to the dump. When I went to bed, my head felt so much clearer and I rested so deeply. That work helped thin the layer of cloud obscuring me from identifying my vision. Thanks, Alosha. That piece of wisdom energized me and gives me great hope that my vision will soon be revealed to me.

  2. Paul Brandl says:

    Alosha you are a super inspiring man, a real man’s man!!! Right now Im reading Ibrahim Karim’s book Back to a Future for Mankind and was ecstatic when I heard you mention you’ve studied his work. Peace to the Gods!!!

    • Alosha Lynov says:

      thanks Brother we are learning from the same wizards, much appreciated you warm comment. Much needed in these challenging times

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