1. Paul says:

    i had a 17-century very simple and small home with 3000m2 garden in the burgundy, france.
    in the area there are still several old draw-wells. now i know, this means underground water-basins are present.
    due to the raising humidity and due to underneath faults or whatever (apparently seen by trees creating “family”-stems), i usually slept badly after the first few years, til finally i only went there ones a month for few days.
    the effect from being absent and tired after the 2nd night when present there and due to the rather warm and humid climate, “weeds” and certain trees grew like mad.
    after 20 years i now got rid of it. i also realized besides the specific climate, i did not choose the right property in the right area for me, as i had no experience.
    i never regret it, i learned a lot from renovating the house and starting a permaculture garden. also there was much enjoyment and experience with people, neighbours, traffic, plants, trees, animals, government, theves…

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